stay in the palace, reach the paradise! - a perfect day

This early morning i woke up at 0630 to catch the daily trip to Kuala Besut at 0800. After get ready with the routine, i proceed to the jetty and wait for small boat for ride me to my speed boat. Everything goes so smooth and easy. But then, when i reach the Coral Bay.. fush.. nobody come down for leave. So i keep wait and wait. While waiting, i take off my Nokia E63 from the pouch and snap some pic around the Coral Bay. And the results as u seen here. Amazing right?

my super duper speed boat with 400 horse power engine.

Shari-La viewed from the jetty

Shari-La resort plus Coral Bay jetty

View of Baby Island and Rawa Island from Coral Bay

Coral Bay Beach

So after my watch shown 0800, i guess no more guests leaving today. Maybe the weather condition and room rate keep them stay here. Nothing to do! so aku lepak ja kat coral bay chit chat ngan manager and owner of the Shari-La resort. the conversation was really great, amazing and worthiness! He show me around the resort and introduce me with the room the have. We talk about future marketing and business strategy. I really miss this kind of conversation. it was happened when i was study in USM.

Anyway, xder apa2 yg aku nak buat hari ni, so aku jalan2 sepanjang batu2 coral bay menuju ke d'lagoon. so sepanjang perjalanan batu2 ada pantai2 dicelah2 teluk. I reach 3rd beach that we called Romantic Beach and there is a person hang around. He is Australian was named Jay. He just reach as well. and we talk about oue self and current event and we get long together for a while. we swimming, laying down on the beach, sunbathing, sleeping, swimming, talking, laying down on the beach and so on. until 0200, we decided to leave that beach and come back to resort.. but then mat salleh ni purpose me with a crazy idea.. "jom jalan ikut hutan" aku x biasa ngan jungle trekking kat coral bay and mat salleh tu lagi lah tak tahu ape2. He followed me climbed the hill until we reach the top then we found the path to the nowhere! so we decided to follow it. we keep track that path but after we walk further, there are some junction also go nowhere. so we keep follow red tag on the tree. finally we saw the sunshine, that mean we reach the surface of the beach. and we succeed.

Amazing day sad Jay-

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