a very hard day ~

Actually hari ni aku tak plan nak buat trip. Sebab esok speed boat aku nak kena check utk renew lesen membawa penumpang. So banyak benda aku nak kena prepare. tadi tengah aku dok wiring kat speedboat aku, work mate aku offer guests nak p perhentian and at the same time office aku pon ada two guest nak ke pulau. then aku buat keputusan nak jalan event suma orang tahu that sea condition not really good for journey. Request is there, so i just move it. hehe

The way heading to the island. Rough Sea I took about an hour to reach the island.

Sea surface for today. really rough.

My guests. They really enjoy with cruising.

Finally we reach coral bay. Everything is calm here.

Two of my guests would like to stay here, Petani Beach.
This small boat ready to pick up them to the beach.

Petani Beach Chalet

So esok pagi2 lagi aku kena gerak ker Coral Bay to pick up few people there and bring to the mainland. Wish that tomorrow better than today. And always hope that future always better than past time.

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